Tamper Evident & Void Labels

Tamper Evident & Void Labels

Tamper evident and void labels are incredibly useful where security is an important factor or you have equipment and assets that require close tracking. 

This is because they offer a visible deterrent and protect your assets from theft or tampering.

These labels are especially useful for preventing or detecting tampering with mechanical or electronic items. Jenacre Labels ensure that they are as effective as possible by using high quality, specialist materials and cutting techniques during the label manufacturing process.

The resulting tamper evident and void labels will give comprehensive evidence of any product or packaging interference. Any attempt to remove a tamper evident or void label and you will be left with indisputable evidence of disturbance, so that the problem can be addressed in good time.

For all order volumes, industries and locations, Jenacre Labels will use our years of promotional and adhesive label printing experience to deliver professional products in 3-5 days, or just 24 hours on express delivery.

When combined with barcode labels and unique numbering labels you have the perfect solution to any tinkering that may occur.

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