Sprocket Feed Labels

Sprocket Feed Labels

At Jenacre Labels we recognise that whilst newer technologies are available and sprocket use has declined, many customers still rely on continuous computer sprocket feed labels, which have been a traditional label printing method for many years.

To satisfy this majority of customers, we have all standard label configurations and sizes available to meet your exact needs for sprocket feed labels, to use with your dot matrix or thermal transfer printer.

You can rely of our 20 years’ experience in label printing and our dedication to quality manufacturing to get the best bespoke results.

Sprocket feed labels are also known as tractor feed labels, tractor fed labels, fanfold labels, fanfolded labels or computer labels. Their main advantages over the likes of roll labels are slightly lower cost, and you can pack more of them into each carton. Labels with sprockets are often used for applications where high volume printing is required, due to the lower cost and infrequent carton replacements.

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